Dead Island 2 will host a party in your honor – after you die IRL

To celebrate the launch of it's iconic zombie game, Plaion has partnered with a UK life insurance firm to create the Dead Island 2 Deathwish, yes, it's wild.

Dead Island 2 will host a party in your honor - after you die IRL: A tanned man with grey hair stands in a funeral home next to a woman in black as money rains around them

Are you sick and tired of Dead Island 2‘s hordes ruining your every waking moment? Developer Plaion has you covered with the Dead Island 2 Deathwish, a life insurance partnership with UK firm Dead Happy. If you’re worried that you or your loved ones with rise from the dead in the spirit of the zombie game, Deathwish has got your back.

“We’re all going to die – that’s a fact,” says Dead Island 2 Deathwish’s overly tanned salesman, sitting in an ornate coffin as organ music plays solemnly in the background. “But are you prepared for what happens next? But I’m dead? Surely I’ve got nothing to worry about!” My friend, you couldn’t be more wrong.

“The streets are crawling with infected, and without our help, you could join them. Introducing: the Dead Island Deathwish. It’s time to take control of your afterlife, your Deathwish is our command” he continues.

Simply put, Deathwish is a non-legally binding life insurance scheme offered by UK-based organisation Dead Happy, which is hoping to change the perception of funeral care.

For £8,000 you can add Deathwish to your plan, and send your friends out to Los Angeles for a zombie cocktail party for, as Dead Happy describes it “a wake to end all wakes,” or write your own unique Deathwish which is given to loved ones when you pass away. It also covers the cost of your funeral.

As I mentioned before, this agreement is non-legally binding, so keep that in mind if you do choose to go ahead with it.

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“We’re pretty sure most people would agree they wouldn’t love to come back as a zombie. But there’s no harm in being prepared for the unexpected – and taking out this Dead Island-inspired option for this unlikely event could pay dividends,” says Plaion’s UK marketing director, Simon Turner, and well, he’s not wrong, I guess?

If you’ve spent too many hours contemplating whether or not you’d like to come back as a zombie, then this life insurance plan is definitely one for you. While I had never really considered this before, given I’ve been watching The Last of Us and have a rather unhealthy obsession with all things undead, I’d probably rather not reawaken as a shuffling corpse. Maybe the Dead Island 2 Deathwish is the way to go…

If this absolute madness has inspired you to drop into HELL-A, then be sure to check out our Dead Island 2 review so that you know what to expect. We also have a rundown of the Dead Island 2 system requirements so that your PC won’t be signing up to make its own Deathwish.