Dead Rising 2 is escaping to Steamworks, but some owners will be left behind

Dead Rising 2 moving to Steamworks

It’s been six months since Capcom officially announced that it would be moving games like Dead Rising 2 and its spin-off, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, over to Steamworks. The zombie playgrounds are finally making that move this week. But there are quite a few caveats.

If you bought either game digitally on the horrid Games for Windows Live Marketplace, then you’re out of luck. Anyone who bought the retail version will get a free Steam code, but not the GfWL bunch.

Similarly, any DLC purchased through GfWL will be stuck, too. This hasn’t been the case with other games that have migrated to Steamworks, but Capcom always charts its own, weird course.

If you now find yourself trapped in purgatory with a GfWL version, then you’ll still be able to play the games on that platform, you just won’t be able to get the Steam trading cards, achievements or a way to escape.