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Dead Space remake redesigns Isaac Clarke as “Adam Sandler”

The Dead Space remake, part of a horror game revival alongside The Callisto Protocol, changes Isaac Clarke to look, according to fans, like “Adam Sandler”

Dead Space remake redesigns Isaac Clarke as “Adam Sandler." A space engineer in bulky armour, Isaac Clarke from Dead Space 2, stares intently

The Dead Space remake, which is set to revive the classic EA horror game in challenge to the spiritual successor The Callisto Protocol, has some new gameplay footage which seems to show a redesign of Isaac Clarke, who seemingly now looks a lot like Click, Billy Madison, and Uncut Gems star Adam Sandler.

Developed by Motive Studio, previous collaborator on Star Wars Battlefront, the full remake of Dead Space is set to launch January 27. It stands in direct competition to The Callisto Protocol, a spiritual successor of Dead Space, which, as noted in our Callisto Protocol review, does a fantastic job of balancing classic Dead Space tropes and new ideas.

Though the Dead Space remake seems largely faithful to the original EA survival horror, new gameplay footage offers an extended look at Isaac Clarke’s redesigned appearance. In the original Dead Space trilogy, Isaac always looked middle-aged, slightly greyed, and wizened by his experiences with the necromorphs and the Ishimura – though we hardly saw his face in the first game, in the sequels, Isaac became a fully-fledged character, struggling with guilt and mental deterioration as he valiantly fought to destroy the mythical Markers.

Now, however, Isaac is clean-shaven, much younger looking, and – as noted by some respondents – bears a striking resemblance to Anger Management’s Adam Sandler.

Dead Space remake redesigns Isaac Clarke as “Adam Sandler”. A space engineer, Isaac Clarke, as he appears in the new Dead Space remake

“Literally the only thing I’m not feeling is the face shape,” writes one Dead Space fan. “Why does he look like Adam Sandler?” “Am I the only one that doesn’t like his new look?,” writes another, replying to the new Dead Space footage shared by IGN. “Isn’t he supposed to be almost 50 years old, but looks like a freshman in college?”

Hitting the point even harder, one commenter even shares a doctored image, with the face of Adam Sandler integrated over the new Isaac Clarke.

Dead Space remake redesigns Isaac Clarke as “Adam Sandler”. A comparison image showing Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2 and his new version with the face of Adam Sandler

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