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Dead Space sea shanty Easter egg is haunting and hilarious

This Dead Space sea shanty Easter egg is the horror games most haunting and hilarious secret, as it turns the USG Ishimura into a different kind of ship.

Dead Space sea shanty Easter egg is both haunting and hilarious

Now that it’s finally here, players are discovering a lot about the Dead Space Remake. The horror game is filled to the brim with secrets, easter eggs, and opportunities to maximise your chances of survival, but absolutely nothing could have prepared me for a Dead Space sea shanty… and no, I’m not even kidding in the slightest.

You can complete the Dead Space sea shanty easter egg in the break room on the Bridge part of the Ishimura. There are some codes you need to put together and then input while in the break room’s red circle, but thanks to YouTuber xGarbett, we know that all you need to do is stomp and melee in a certain order. The bridge is at the front of the ship, and the break room is on floor 1 in the image below.

Dead Space sea shanty Easter egg is both haunting and hilarious

The order is: melee, stomp, melee, melee, stomp, melee, stomp, melee, melee, melee, melee, stomp.

Once you’ve accomplished this, an audio log with the Dead Space sea shanty will appear on the ground for you to pick up and listen to.

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Giving the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag sea shanties a run for its money, this Dead Space easter egg might be one of my absolute favourite in quite some time. Does it make sense? No. But is it good? Oh, absolutely. It makes the body horror-tinged disaster of the USG Ishimura seem almost fun for a brief moment, which isn’t something I thought I’d be saying after playing the Dead Space Remake.

You can also get some other Dead Space easter eggs in the same room, so beware of very minor spoilers if you want to try and figure them out for yourself. There’s an opportunity for two power nodes with the code: melee, melee, stomp, melee, melee, stomp, stomp, melee, melee, melee, stomp, stomp.

If you want even more help kitting yourself out on the Ishimura, we’ve broken down all the Dead Space schematic locations and Dead Space power node locations for you to help you get stronger as you explore the hallowed halls.

YouTube video uploaded by xGarbett