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All Dead Space schematic locations

The Dead Space schematic locations are required to purchase items from the store, so you can stock up on health, ammo, and Stasis whenever you’re running low.

Dead Space schematics locations: Isaac Clarke stepping out of the upgrade machine in one his RIG suits.

The Dead Space schematic locations are easily missed, especially during your first playthrough when you’re unfamiliar with the dark corners of the Ishimura. Early on in your time on board the enormous mining vessel, you’ll be forced to scavenge for supplies located in the environment. However, once found, Dead Space schematics can be brought back to the store, making essential items available to purchase at any time from the store.

It’s worth mentioning that this list of Dead Space schematic locations doesn’t include the ones for Dead Space weapon upgrades and suit upgrades, as we have separate guides for those. Instead, these schematics relate to more general supplies (such as ammunition and health packs) that can make all the difference when going up against the Dead Space leviathan and other fearsome necromorphs in one of the best PC games of 2023.

Dead Space schematic locations: Isaac Clarke stands at the entrance to the Ishimura Clinic before a row of waiting room seats holding a schematic, the wall behind them emblazoned with grafitti that reads, 'it's time'.

All Dead Space schematic locations

Here are all the Dead Space schematic locations, in order of appearance:

  • Pulse Rounds: Located on a workbench on the left-hand side of the Coolant Pipelines on the Medical deck in Chapter 2.
  • Stasis Pack: Located on a bench on the right-hand side of the Main Changing Lab on the Medical deck in Chapter 2. If you rely on Stasis to help you through encounters, be sure to pick up the Dead Space report on the Bridge to unlock a vital upgrade.
  • Medium Med Pack: Located in a locker within the room labelled To Centrifuge adjoining the Decontamination Room on the Engineering deck in Chapter 3.
  • Ripper Blades: Located on the floor in Fuel Storage, which is just next to the second elevator on the Engineering deck in Chapter 3.
  • Flamethrower Fuel: Located on the chair next to the primary engine panel inside the Engine Room on the Engineering deck in Chapter 3.
  • Line Racks: Located on the desk in Dr. B Warwick’s Office CPO on the Medical deck in Chapter 5. In order to access this room, you’ll need to have reached Dead Space security clearance level 2.
  • Force Energy: Located between the two electrical traps in the Air Filtration Tower on the Hydroponics deck in Chapter 6. Use your Stasis to bypass the first trap blocking your way.
  • Contact Energy: Located on the coffee table within the locked room in Deck B Processing on the Mining deck in Chapter 7. Shoot at the lock visible through the broken window to gain access to the room.
  • Oxygen Tank: Located on the workbench in Platform Storage, which is in itself within the Refueling Control Stations on the Engineering deck in Chapter 8. Again, you’ll need clearance level 2 before you can access this room.
  • Large Med Pack: Located on the desk by the entrance to the Infirmary on the USM Valor in Chapter 9.

Once you’ve found all the Dead Space schematic locations in the horror game, you’ll be rewarded with the ‘Merchant’ achievement. You can also expect to start Dead Space new game plus with everything available to purchase from the get-go, which certainly makes things easier when tracking down the Dead Space marker fragments to unlock the alternate ending. If you’re partial to collectibles, don’t miss out on the elusive Dead Space Peng treasure, or the Dead Space Master Override, which can break any lock standing between you and deep-space loot