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Free Games: Dead Space is free on Origin

dead space free origin

Remember the late 2000s, when EA bet big on a number of single-player titles featuring unique gameplay hooks and inventive settings? Those days are well behind us, and with games like Mirror’s Edge selling like they did there’s little confusion as to why. But hey, here’s your free opportunity to relive the glory days with one of EA’s semi-modern classics for free.

Want to know how all those gruesome details came to be? We recently spoke to former Visceral folks about the making of Dead Space.

Dead Space is free on Origin right now, the latest in EA’s regular On the House series. Just claim it, and it’s yours forever. The only catch, such as it is, is having to install Origin, but that’s a small price to pay in order to enjoy the horrific adventures of Isaac Clarke.

If you missed it a decade ago, Dead Space puts you aboard a space cruiser newly infested with alien creatures stitched together from human corpses. Your weaponry is largely made up of sci-fi engineering tools most effective in strategically severing limbs and dismantling those monstrous foes piece by piece.

Visceral, the studio behind Dead Space, was shut down last year in the midst of development on their Star Wars game, and while we didn’t have much hope for a new necromorphic horror title before then those dreams are little more than stitched together corpses now.