Deadmau5 is making an Unreal Engine shooter

deadmau5 game

Joel Zimmerman – who you’ll almost certainly know better as Deadmau5 – is working on a game of his own. It’s extremely early in development, but Deadmau5 did recently offer up a stream of the alpha on his Twitch channel.

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He tweets that this is “mad early ‘alpha alpha’ testing,” but that he and the team are making “great progress.” He says “for now, consider it a pet project… give us a year at least.”

The clip showcases a bit first-person gameplay on a test map, while Deadmau5 says they’ll be going for hitscan with all the weapons aside from the sniper rifle, similar to Fortnite.

In a slightly longer statement on Reddit, Deadmau5 says he’s working with a team of developers “who REALLY know their shit with UE,” apparently either five or six people. He says “at present, we’re just setting up some basic mechanics, getting a space together where we can jam out in an arena of sorts and spitball ideas.”

Don’t expect an idea of the game’s title or format for a good while yet, but Deadmau5 says he’s “passionate about it” despite the “long and arduous process.” Who knows, maybe they’ll even figure out a solution for stream sniping.