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Diablo style roguelike with Hades deity system drops free Act 2 update

A blend of the Hades deities, Vampire Survivors bullet hell, and Diablo loot, the Death Must Die Act 2 update expands this Steam roguelike.

Death Must Die Act 2: a pixelated woman with short black hair and yellow tips, hoisting a giant wooden log over her right shoulder

If you’re looking for a great roguelike to fill your time before Hades 2 early access, which could be a few weeks to a couple of months, Death Must Die is an ideal alternative. With a similar deity system to Supergiant Games’ epic, loot like Diablo, and a bullet hell level system in the vein of Vampire Survivors, the Death Must Die Act 2 update is here with even more to get stuck into.

Death Must Die is still in Steam Early Access, but Act 2 of the survivor roguelike game that blends Hades, Vampire Survivors, and part of Diablo’s loot into one is finally here. If you didn’t get into the Hades 2 technical test and have a few dollars to spare, Death Must Die is a solid, albeit early days, alternative.

An action roguelike with RPG elements, bullet hell gameplay, deities that give you powerups, and a Diablo-style loot and gear system with weapons, armor, rings, pendants, and more, Death Must Die blends the games mentioned above into something unique and refreshing. There’s a long way to go out of Steam Early Access, but what we have right now shows a lot of promise.

Death Must Die Act 2 comes with The Endless Desert Act, which is filled with new enemies, locations, bosses, and music, alongside a brand-new hero to play as in Lorien, The Ranger. There’s also a new goddess with blessings in the form of Ninh, the Goddess of Earth, personalized talent trees for upgrades with over 30 talents per hero, more powerful tier 2 items, and more.

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Ninh offers blessings akin to the Greek pantheon of Hades, while the talent trees offer unique upgrade paths for each hero depending on your playstyle, with the two features combining to give you even more ways to play.

You can grab Death Must Die on Steam right now for $6.99 / £5.89, if you fancy some more roguelike action in your life.

Death Must Die isn’t the only game to borrow from the ARPG greats, as there’s a whole suite of games like Diablo you can check out right now, alongside some stellar RPG games to sink your teeth into as well.

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