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Death Stranding is an open-world action game, production has now begun in earnest

Death Stranding tokyo game show

The ever-mysterious, utterly unknown and generally confusing Death Stranding got a little more real today when creator Hideo Kojima popped up at Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show stream to give everyone a tiny bit more information. As well as the usual rambling about rope, connections and being an indie studio that can do triple-A things (backed by an infinite amount of Sony money and one of the most popular developers of all time) there were even some hard facts.

One to sit on our list of upcoming PC games for a long, long time.

Revealed in the stream, which you can see above at about the 1:03:35 mark, was:

  • An open-world with a “degree of freedom”
  • Online elements
  • More information to come during TGS on September 18 – this Sunday – at the Sony stage.

Beyond that, Kojima also talked about how he wanted to create a game where players were connected by more than just ‘clubs.’ He wasn’t particularly specific, but it seems like he doesn’t want all online interaction to be confrontational, and for players to have meaningful connections with one-another.

Whether that means an XP boost from playing with friends or something more significant, well, we’ll find out in time. Kojima also pointed out that office and engine selection has concluded and game production was now the primary focus. Death Stranding still has the air of a game we won’t be playing until 2022, but we’ll keep you updated on what’s revealed at TGS.