New Death Stranding trailer shown at The Game Awards 2017, and it’s still really weird

death stranding the game awards trailer

There’s been a new Death Stranding trailer revealed at The Game Awards 2017 and, spoilers, it’s more than a little mad as heck.

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There’s some sort of handprint monster, Norman Reedus in a space suit, and corpses melting to oil. Everyone holds their breath so the monster can’t find them, but something grabs hold anyway. The fetus in a jar is there. A man flies into the sky and tries to kill himself to avoid being taken away. Norman has the baby now. A giant figure appears, towering, like Cthulhu.

Now we’re underwater. So’s Norman. The fetus is in his throat. He wakes up on land, vomiting bugs. Now he’s at the edge a crater, with five figures in the sky.

It’s become increasingly clear that describing this trailer is perhaps less than worthwhile, so maybe you just watch it for yourself.