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Best Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes

You can approach the noble profession of mining and killing in different ways in Deep Rock Galatic Survivor, but here are the top classes.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes: three dwarves, armed, and ready to mine.

What are the best Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes? You know the drill by now (sorry). Get in, destroy everything that both moves and doesn’t, and get out. To be honest, even if you don’t get out, the corporation doesn’t mind much, they’ll just send another dwarf in your place. Times are tough, the beards are long, and there’s a beer for anyone who comes back alive.

For those who are just getting into Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, things can look a little confusing. You begin with one class in the survival game, the Scout, but will work your way up to unlocking the four base classes, then eventually, the eight additional class mods. Each Deep Rock Galactic Survivor class has a distinct playstyle, with some being more forgiving than others. Here’s who we think are the best.

The best Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes

Here are the three most powerful classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor:

  • Engineer – Maintenance Worker
  • Scout – Recon
  • Driller – Foreman

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes: a gruff fictional drawf with a long blonde beard.

Engineer – Maintenance Worker

  • 10% damage boost to construct weapons
  • 10% bonus reload speed to construct weapons

The Maintenance Worker class is all about your turrets; they’re your lifeline and will be your most consistent form of damage as you venture ever deeper. Unless you opt for the tank tracks upgrade, try not to stray too far from your turrets. Prioritize the increased charge upgrade to get more of them on the field at once.

You can freely mine with the Maintenance Worker by placing your turrets at the mouth of the rocky outcrop, so they can deal with the enemies when you get to work. While you can go all-in on the turret angle, it’s worth grabbing a projectile as a secondary weapon, to keep yourself safe if enemies get too close for comfort.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes: a gruff looking fictional drawf with a long thick red beard.

Scout – Recon

  • 25% dodge bonus
  • 35% bonus move speed and reload speed after dodging

The Recon Scout is a nimble class that excels with crowd control and getting out of sticky situations. Invest in move speed and mining speed to ensure you never get cornered, with your increased dodge chance getting you out of trouble if you need it. The default weapon, the Zhukov Nuk17 fires in four directions, so don’t be afraid of getting in the middle of a group of enemies.

Pick up a powerful single-target weapon to take down the boss enemies, and ensure you’re mining as many resources as possible to get your offensive power spike as quickly as you can. The scout initially lacks firepower, but getting a lot of early-game gold can offset that.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes: a miner wearing armor, and drills on his hands.

Driller – Foreman

  • 2% bonus to mining speed for two seconds, stacking up to 25 times

If you’re serious about mining, like, really serious about mining, then there’s only one choice of class: the Foreman Driller. With rock crushers for hands and a gun that only fires backward, if you aren’t mining with this class then you’re doing something wrong.

Pick up the sludge, and flame throwers as soon as you can, invest in additional mining speed, and rack up more gold than you can spend. Fighting on your terms is key with the Foreman Driller, and leading your enemies down a narrow path you’ve mined yourself is a recipe for success.

Every Deep Rock Galactic Survivor class

Here is every class in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor:

  • Scout – Classic
  • Scout – Recon
  • Scout – Sharp Shooter
  • Gunner – Weapons Specialist
  • Gunner – Juggernaut
  • Gunner – Heavy Gunner
  • Driller – Foreman
  • Driller – Interrogator
  • Driller – Strong Armed
  • Engineer – Maintenance Worker
  • Engineer – Tinkerer
  • Engineer – Demolitionist

To unlock the additional class mods (Recon, Juggernaut, etc) you have to reach rank 9, and then rank 18 with each of the base classes. Each milestone will unlock a class mod.

Those are our picks for best classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, but as things tend to do when you’re deep unground, these may change over time, so make sure to check back in often. If you’ve explored every inch of the underdark and are now scanning the horizon for something new, we have a list of the most exciting upcoming games here.