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Ten-year Minecraft veteran Daniel Kaplan leaves Mojang for Goat Simulator

Deep Space Galactic

Coffee Stain Publishing have recruited Daniel Kaplan, an award-winning production director who’s worked in the industry for ten years, spending most of those years looking after Minecraft, shaping its business interests. He started out when Mojang was formed, getting money back from PayPal. Ten years later, he’s leaving for new pastures, possibly filled with goats. 

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Coffee Stain are the studio behind Goat Simulator and Tower Defense Sanctum. “With our ambitious plans for Coffee Stain Publishing, we had to find the right people, and that’s not always easy,” Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios and Publishing, says.

“I’ve known Kaplan for 10 years (we even shared a bed once at Gamescom!), and I’m excited to have him join us! Kaplan is great, and shares our core game philosophies; we can’t wait to have him apply his magic on our products.”

Kaplan says he’s a big fan of the studio and he’s excited to work with the team responsible for one of the “weirdest titles in the world” – that’ll be Goat Sim. Coffee Stain will be at Gamescom showing off their new game, Deep Rock Galactic. It looks like Minecraft in space, with dwarves.

Check out the announcement on the Coffee Stain blog.