Deep Rock Galactic update lets you turn off its most frustrating parts

Deep Rock Galactic, one of the best co-op games on Steam with a 97% positive rating, delivers its massive November maintenance update.

Deep Rock Galactic November maintenance update - A dwarf with a large, braided red beard in one of Steam's most fun co-op games.

When it comes to the top co-op games on Steam, Deep Rock Galactic stands proudly alongside the greats such as Left 4 Dead 2, Terraria, Elden Ring, Valheim, Stardew Valley, and more. Boasting a whopping 97% ‘overwhelmingly positive’ Steam rating across nearly 200,000 user reviews, DRG has absolutely earned its place, and I will always delight in seeing fans online join together as one in a chorus of ‘Rock and Stone!’ Now, a big Deep Rock Galactic update invites you back to the Dwarf mining game once more.

The Deep Rock Galactic November maintenance update – also known as DRG patch S04.10 – brings a wealth of changes along with some excellent new quality-of-life features to one of the best co-op games on PC. Developer Ghost Ship Games explains the major changes coming in a handy video, with a focus on toning down some of the more frustrating aspects you’ll encounter as you explore Deep Rock Galactic’s deadly cave networks.

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First on the list is Rockpox. The Lithophage corruption can be a rather nasty thing to deal with, and Ghost Ship acknowledges that players might have had their fill of managing its detrimental effects, so it has included the new ability to opt out of seasonal content after reaching level 100 in the Performance Pass.

Doing so puts you into a “season-neutral state” and removes the Lithophage Corruption Zone from the map; it also “makes all Lithophage-related content as common as the Rival content currently is in the game,” meaning you’ll just get a small taste of it as seen with events from previous seasons. The seasonal content can always be toggled back on if you fancy seeing it more frequently again.

In addition to this, Ghost Ship has also toned down some of the more severe Rockpox effects, such as lowering the infection range on boils and shortening the delay before your infection levels begin to drop, and has also slowed the movement speed of the Corruptor enemies that spread it to make it easier to chase down and put a stop to.

Deep Rock Galactic Weapon Maintenance paintjobs - A lightning camo for a gun earned through the game's weapon mastery system.

That work on annoying effects carries on elsewhere, too – some of the more frustrating enemies have seen tweaks. The Stingtail’s grab attack has been given a significant cooldown, especially after it catches one of your team, meaning you’ll be hooked in far less frequently, while electrocution will now still deal some damage to enemies that were formerly completely immune to its effects, such as the Dreadnoughts and Oppressor.

There’s also a new seasonal rewards system called ‘Weapon Maintenance’ that allows you to earn new color schemes for your guns as you earn XP using each particular weapon. There are four mastery paint jobs initially, one for each of the seasons so far, with new looks coming in future seasons. Ghost Ship also confirms these won’t be time-locked, either, so you will still be able to earn past ones after a season ends.

The Deep Rock Galactic November maintenance update is out now. You can check out the full patch notes courtesy of Ghost Ship Games. Deep Rock Galactic is available on Steam, and is also included for subscribers to Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service.

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