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Deep Rock Galactic details exciting new season reactivation update

Deep Rock Galactic, which functions as a live service game akin to Destiny 2, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, is bringing back old seasons.

Deep Rock Galactic is bringing back old seasons: A cartoon man with a long red beard and a high tech eye patch, from Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic may have first come out back in 2020, but its creators are still hard at work on the game. Aside from spinning off its dwarves in space formula with Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor and Deep Rock Galactic Rogue Core, the original game has continued providing updates that keep its spin on Left 4 Dead 2 style co-op shooting and Minecraft reminiscent level manipulation fresh. The next of these is the upcoming Season 5, which, among many other changes, will introduce the ability to return to older seasons and revisit past versions of the game. We now have news of how, exactly, this will work thanks to a Steam post from Deep Rock creator Ghost Ship Games.

Deep Rock Galactic‘s Season 5 update is planned to launch in June but, in the meantime, Ghost Ship has shared how its ‘season reactivation’ feature will work for players of the co-op game. The first point mentioned by the studio is an important one: that “you’ll still be able to play with everyone as usual, and all the seasonal cosmetic items are still earnable for free, just like always.”

Ghost Ship writes that Deep Rock Galactic will soon include a ‘Season Selection’ tab in its Season Terminal. Once an older season is selected, the game will treat an active multiplayer session just like it would when disbanding a lobby, kicking out current players who can then be reinvited to the new season, even if they don’t have the same older season active themselves. The ‘Disable Season Content’ option will be replaced with ‘Vanilla,’ which “has no associated Performance Pass, and a balanced chance to spawn Events and Warnings from all seasons.”

The big takeaway is that, despite some surface level changes, Season 5 will still allow players to easily join games with one another. In the Steam post, Ghost Ship Games reiterates that “nothing’s going away here” and that “you’ll still be able to play with anyone you like, and every single item is still going to be unlockable for free.”

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