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The original Deus Ex has a spiritual remake in stunning new Steam FPS

Deus Ex, one of the true classics of PC gaming, makes a spiritual comeback thanks to a new Steam FPS that also pays homage to Resident Evil.

Deep State Steam FPS game: A protagonist from Deus Ex-style Steam FPS game Deep State

Deus Ex is one of the definitive PC games. From its instantly recognizable visual and sound design (you can still hear that death scream, can’t you?) to its pioneering immersive sim mechanics, and its in-depth, politically charged narrative, Ion Storm’s 2000 masterwork set the template for the likes of Dishonored, Prey, and of course the prequels Human Revolution and Mankind Divided. 24 years have passed since Deus Ex first graced our PCs, and although JC Denton lives on through infinite memes (“what a shame”) there’s a gap where the augmented conspiracy thriller used to be. But perhaps no longer. Channeling early ‘00s visuals, crisp, immersive sim-style systems, and some flashes of Resident Evil, an upcoming Steam FPS feels like the spiritual return of classic Deus Ex.

Welcome to Deep State, a wonderfully stylized new FPS game from independent developer Frogman Interactive. You play the powerfully monikered Rex Cutter, a former CIA agent searching for the truth behind a mysterious black project. Conspiracies, aliens, shadow governments – all the hallmarks of the original Deus Ex are here. In fact, if you squint your eyes, Deep State looks almost exactly like Ion Storm’s classic, right down to the inventory screen (which also pays homage to the iconic ‘watch zoom’ from GoldenEye).

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Polygonal characters, military bases in the dead of night, underground labs with dim green lighting – this is Deus Ex from top to bottom. Levels in Deep State are large and open, so you can choose different paths and means of completing your objectives. Stealth is an option, but if you’re the kind of person to always choose the GEP Gun, there’s a vast arsenal of available weapons. “A campy action thriller narrative with a cosmic horror twist,” Deep State is shaping up as a loving homage to one of the best PC games of all time. You can play the first demo of Deep State right here.

In other Deus Ex news, Embracer Group has just laid off 97 employees from Human Revolution and Mankind Divided developer Eidos Montreal, and has canceled a new Deus Ex game that had been in development for around two years.

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