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Defiance free weekend lets you try the open-world shooter and a discount helps you buy it


Defiance may not have launched with much of a bang but the MMO-shooter has been gaining something of a following in the aftermath of the whimper. As a way of drawing more players into their vision of a war torn future Earth, Trion Worlds have made the game free to play this weekend.

A try before you buy affair, if you will.

Armed with all the trappings of the modern MMO – RPG skill points, loot drops, solo and group hunts – where Defiance pulls away from the herd is through by bringing in a number of elements more often found in shooters. The game is loaded up with vehicles, a whole host of human and alien guns, and huge co-op battles.

Plus, Trion are going all own with their character customisation tools. It may not be up there with APB but they’re seemingly continuously adding in new clothing options to deck out your avatar.

Also, during this free weekend, Defiance is enjoying a 30% discount.

You can download the Defiance client through Steam.