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Hidden cat statues in Destiny 2: Forsaken are handing out guns

There are hidden cat statues in Destiny 2: Forsaken that are rewarding players with weapons

"Destiny 2 Forsaken Dreaming City"

Mysterious cat statues have been found in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Dreaming City and presenting the statue ‘a small gift’ (an in-game item) will get you a weapon in return. Guardians on Destiny 2 subreddit have talked about receiving special rifles, snipers, and hand cannons all from the Dreaming City weapon pool with one feline giving a Guardian a rocket launcher. The statue then disappears when it has been used.

There are an unknown number of these statues as they are particularly well hidden throughout the Dreaming City. They have been found in caves, on top of buildings, and tucked into small corners of the map. The cats are in a sitting position and are quite small but they have glowing purple eyes that make them easier to spot.

To get your loot, you specifically need to have the item ‘a small gift’ (it’s description reads that it smells faintly of mint) in your inventory. If you approach the cat and a message pops up saying “You lack something” that means you don’t have it need to go get one – these kitties are very picky. The item drops when you take part in Dreaming City activities, so keep taking part in public events and it should eventually drop.

The Dreaming City is an unlockable end-game area, which if you haven’t got access we’ve an article specifically about how to unlock the Dreaming city, and is a mysterious place. The area has its two big features, The Blind Well public events and the Last Wish raid, but as evident with these cats there might be more smaller, hidden easter eggs within the area that are yet to be uncovered.

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The Dreaming City changes and shifts every week, making it a prime site for new and changing content so it’s hard to know how long these cats will be around for. Luckily fans have started making maps with the statue’s locations, for the ones that have been found anyway, so the hunt for these cats is afoot.