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Destiny 2 looks super sleek running in 4K at 60fps

Destiny 2 4K

Destiny 2, the next shooter from the highly experienced boys and girls at Bungie, looks great in 4K. I know because I’ve seen it, and so can you.

Here’s everything we know about Destiny 2 PC’s release date, changes and more.

It’s not always easy to work out how an unreleased game will look at its very best, on a high-end PC, but Nvidia have provided in this case. They’ve got the new Destiny running at 60fps in 4K, which is very nice for the eyes indeed.

As for the actual content of the clip: the player faces some chunky enemies who speak in a gargling tongue, until they’re filled with bullets and topple over. You can learn a lot more by reading our class guide, list of confirmed weapons, or comprehensive breakdown of everything we know about Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 will launch for PC on October 24th, a couple of months after the consoles. Let’s hope the framerate is worth the wait.