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Another new Destiny 2 class will be showcased at E3


Destiny 2 has three new subclasses, and it was the Warlock Dawnblade that saw the hype train out of the station a few weeks ago at the official reveal event. With E3 being the next stop, Bungie are about to show off the Hunter Arcstrider, and there’s been a hint that we’ll see the Titan Sentinel a little further down the tracks.

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News of the Arcstrider came last week in Bungie’s weekly update. All the activities from May’s reveal – that is to say, the Homecoming story mission, Countdown PvP mode, and Inverted Spire strike – will be playable at E3 with the new Hunter, and we’ll be sure to bring back what we can on how the sparky subclass plays.

The Hunter Arcstrider

The news was reconfirmed by Bungie community manager DeeJ on Twitter (in response to a question about factions, to which I’d very much like to know the answer myself). He went on to say that there is “plenty more time left in the summer” when asked about the Sentinel, the void elemental Titan with the Captain America shield. Perhaps this means the Sentinel will be shown at Gamescom?