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Destiny 2 will issue 30 minute bans for Crucible quitters

destiny 2 crucible quitters

Bungie promised penalties for Crucible quitters when they started talking about big-picture Destiny 2 fixes late last year, and it looks like the game’s next update will be the one to finally put that system in place.

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The new system will issue 30 minute suspensions for “habitual quitters” in the Competitive playlist. Bungie say that “leaving a match early for any reason, from improper network settings to an idle time-out while getting the door for a food delivery, can result in a temporary restriction.”

One of the core issues with Crucible – leading to a lot of quitting – was that all modes are combined under a single playlist, meaning that if you weren’t a fan of a particular mode you might still be stuck in it depending on how the rotation goes. Both strike and Crucible playlists will now have “repeat reduction” to help ensure players don’t see the same maps over and over.

There are also a new set of security measure going into place to help detect and punish cheaters, but “because security is a pretty hush-hush subject, we can’t go into the details of what is changing.” Bungie do say this update will make action against cheaters speedier, however, and further security updates will come as part of the 1.2.0 update.

The update will additionally add more unique rewards for Nightfall activities, with a chance for the items to drop on completion. Challenge Card modifiers can help to earn this loot, but it still “may take many attempts to receive a drop, as they are meant to be rare rewards.” Bungie are letting players see the new loot for themselves in-game, so there aren’t any previews of what to expect.

All these changes are set to go live in update 1.1.4 on March 27.