Destiny 2 updates - everything Bungie have planned

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Destiny 2 is a live game. There are ad hoc patches to rebalance things and live events to refresh them, Seasons to deliver larger scale structural changes, and DLCs and expansions to add new content, such as the game's famous raids. It can be quite a lot to keep on top of, which is why we've compiled this handy tracker. Wherever possible we cite Bungie themselves, but a little speculation is inevitable as we try to track the game further into the future.

Note that Bungie have confirmed all content will arrive on PC at the same time as console, so with that in mind, here's what's on the docket for the future of Destiny 2.

Need a briefing on the base game? From leveling to raids to public events, our Destiny 2 guide hub will answer all your needs.

Reworked raid rewards - January 30, 2018

As outlined in Bungie's hefty New Year's roadmap, a patch will arrive on January 30 that will address some of the issues with the endgame by overhauling raid rewards. They will now feature mods with raid-specific perks, and a gear drop will be guaranteed from every major encounter. The raid vendor, Benedict, will also sell gear from both Leviathan and Eater of Worlds in exchange for Calus tokens and legendary shards. A raid Ghost will also be added.

The January update will also add Masterwork armour, which will reduce incoming damage while your Super is active.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days - 13 February 2018

Destiny's Valentine's event, Crimson Days, will return in the sequel. Bungie say "it won't be the same as last time," which is just as well, because Crimson Days 2016 was one of the most-poorly received events in Destiny so far - though Destiny 2's recent Dawning might run it close. It added a Doubles mode to the Crucible, a meagre serving of cosmetics, and very little else. It did not return in 2017.

Datamined assets (above) suggest Crimson Doubles will return, alongside - hopefully - a little more stuff to do. The icon in the top left even suggests the raid might be affected.

We're still waiting on official details of new activities, but we do know there will be changes to monetisation after player hostility to the Dawning. You'll get Crimson engrams (in addition to Bright engrams) when you level up, and Crimson engram drops from quests are once again character-based, not account-based. Crimson engrams are also weighted to drop non-duplicate items. Sounds much more generous, thankfully.

Destiny 2 strike scoring and mods 2.0 - February 2018

Destiny 2 Vex

Strike scoring was introduced near the end of Destiny 1, and awarded points for killing enemies, chaining kills, completing objectives, and so on. It will return in an update some time this February, and replace the Nightfall's current time limit mechanic. New emblems will also show your Nightfall high score and unlock rewards.

One of the biggest near-term changes is mods 2.0 - a full overhaul of the armour and weapon mods system. Bungie say they will cull redundant mods, introduce more unique theming, and greatly increase mods' impact on player power. February is targeted, but "the scope of the rework could push parts or all of it out to early spring." Mods' role in Bright Engrams will also be re-evaluated, to avoid pay-to-win.

Text chat in the Tower is also - finally - coming to PC around now, and fireteam members will be marked on the destination map.

Destiny 2 season three, Eververse fixes - March 2018

Season three is due to start in early March. Bungie say some more changes to Eververse will arrive during the season, presumably because the Bright Engram is once again due to refresh.

The balance of new cosmetic content will be shifted toward gameplay and away from Eververse, with new Ghosts, Sparrows, and ships coming to activity reward pools rather than the new Bright Engram. There will also be a gameplay path to earn Bright Engrams and all contained rewards, including event engrams, and players will get more direct purchase options for cosmetic content.

After the XP throttling controversy, Bungie are also working on changes to XP earn rates. "Right now, it's too slow in general and lopsided towards grinding specific activities... and we want to fix that without making those activities low value to players who aren't grinding them (fairness is cool)." Apparently their first attempt was a buggy mess, but they're going to keep trying, which is good to hear.

Destiny 2 Rasputin DLC - spring 2018

Destiny 2's second DLC is due in spring 2018. It will almost certainly launch alongside a new season, as the Osiris DLC did, which makes a March release with season three the likeliest date. An apparent leak on the PSN store suggested that was indeed the case, and that the DLC would be called Gods of Mars - but there's a strong chance that it is a fake.

Official artwork depicting a Warmind and a female Hunter (see above) tells us quite a lot about the expansion's likely themes. Warminds are artificial intelligences built during humanity's Golden Age, equipped with a suite of satellite-mounted doomsday weapons, and entrusted to coordinate the defence of our colonies. Rasputin, responsible for defending Earth, is the most prominent of the Warminds - many missions in the original Destiny featured him, and hinted that he had evolved beyond his original programming to develop agendas of his own. 

The other Warminds 'lived' in server farms in sealed vaults across the solar system. Destiny 2's main story takes you to one such vault on Io, as does the Arecibo adventure, which ends with a sinister message hidden in some classical music. Completing that adventure, a Redditor found some new dialogue that doesn't normally play:

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If this adventure does indeed foreshadow future content, it does so obliquely. This Reddit thread does a great job of collating the mission's musical and literary references, but even they haven't produced a convincing theory yet. We'll just note that the new dialogue references Mars. Could we be returning to the red planet in this DLC? The Gods of Mars 'leak' suggests so. 

As for the possible identity of the Huntress on the box art, the most popular community theory is that this is Ana Bray. A scannable in Io's Warmind vault is said to have been wiped of data by a user named Bray, and she is also mentioned in that planet's adventure missions. A scannable diary belonging to her can also be found in the Tower, but it's heavily redacted. Clovis Bray, her family's corporation, has a base on Mars and a mandate to investigate Golden Age tech, including Warminds. If indeed this is Ana Bray, it'll be cool to meet another character with such import to Destiny's lore. Let's hope she's better used than Osiris was.

Destiny 1's second DLC, House of Wolves, was delayed from March to May, exacerbating complaints of its chronic content drought. Bungie don't want those conversations to recur. A March release leaves Destiny 2 looking pretty barren through the summer, though, so we're hoping Bungie have something else up their sleeve.

Destiny 2 private matches, ranked PvP - spring 2018

weekly update confirmed that Bungie are working on private matches for Destiny 2's competitive community, as well as better incentives for the Crucible and penalties for leaving competitive games. The new year's update narrowed the release window for these features to spring 2018, along with a 6v6 playlist, periodic Mayhem events, and ranked play. These features will be independent of the DLC, so may arrive mid-way through season three.

Your Crucible rank will reset every season, and comes in two flavours: Valour, which builds as you play and cannot be lost, and Glory, which can be lost if you lose matches. A while ago, we theorised in our PvP guide that if Bungie were to ever push Destiny 2 as an esport, they would do it around now. Bungie's official position on this is to wait and see if the community has an appetite for it. Ranked play and private games are the competitive community's biggest wishes right now, so granting them may be enough to rekindle that appetite after the game's recent troubles.

The new year's update also forecast many other additions for the spring, including PC Clan chat, more and reformatted Vault space, seasonal vendor reputation, moving rewards out of Bright Engrams and into endgame activities, the option to equip several emotes, and more.

Destiny 2 Rumble PvP, weapon slot changes - Fall 2018

Destiny 2 Wardcliff Coil - or Dubious Volley

Bungie's new year update concluding with some vague longer term goals, forecast for Fall 2018, or possibly sooner. These include Masterwork Exotics, item collections and records, shaders and dismantling, and improvements to Trials of the Nine and "pinnacle weapons and gear." Destiny 1's free-for-all PvP mode, Rumble, is also given as an example of additional Crucible playlists that may be planned.

Intriguingly, Bungie also promise improvements to weapon slots and archetypes. Moving shotguns, snipers, and fusion rifles out of the secondary weapon slot and into the power slot was one of the biggest structural changes Destiny 2 made over the original, and has been divisive at best, with players complaining it undermines the power fantasy and turns the Crucible into a dull team-shooting game. Any changes to the slot system would have huge implications. Archetypes probably refers to the way that damage is balanced across damage-per-bullet (impact) and rate of fire, and will be interesting, but less impactful.

Speculative longer-term updates

Extrapolating from leaks, hints, teasers, and prior experience of Destiny, we look further into the future. Note that this section is mainly speculative and will contain spoilers for Destiny 2's campaign and Leviathan raid.

Destiny 2 major expansion - September, 2018

Destiny games either launch or substantially expand in the first fortnight of September every year. This is now established. The September release is generally announced either at or a few weeks before E3, and with the Rasputin DLC due in spring, nothing of Bungie's plans so far suggests a break from the pattern.

Assuming it's not Destiny 3 - which would be mad - the safe bet is a large expansion in the style of The Taken King and Rise of Iron, which extended the original game in September 2015 and 2016. At a minimum, expect a new story, a new explorable area, and a new raid. 

What subjects might that plot tackle? Hints of future storylines are scattered throughout Destiny 2, just like the Cabal attack was teased way back in 2015 in a mission in The Taken King. Final spoiler warning.

Oryx, The Taken King

The Fallen alliance / House of Dusk

With the Cabal and Vex getting attention in Destiny 2 and its Osiris DLC, a little Fallen love is likely, and there are plenty of plot threads to pick up.

Remember Titan's world quest, in which you and a Fallen Captain compete over a methane reactor? He never attacks and ultimately just lets you take it, which is interesting. Voice lines were datamined from the PC beta in which an alliance with the Fallen is proposed as a way to drive the Hive out of Titan - perhaps this Captain is our partner in such an alliance?

We've seen peaceful Fallen before - the House of Wolves served the Queen of the Awoken before betraying her, while Variks, of House Judgement, stayed loyal. It's worth noting that the Queen's brother Uldren is said to have forged another such alliance in two recent Destiny Grimoire cards. 

One more wrinkle: voice lines datamined from the full PC version have Ikora Rey mentioning the 'House of Dusk', a new Fallen house who worship the Darkness. Perhaps a September 2018 expansion will see the already-desperate Fallen driven into an alliance with us by this new, dark house? 

Emperor Calus

Destiny 2 Calus

If you've finished the Leviathan raid, you'll recall another hint, spoken by the exiled Emperor Calus's robotic double. In three different voice lines, he invites us to seek him out, so he can show us power in the universe beyond the Light, and truths beyond what the Speaker has told us.

We know that Ghaul overthrew and exiled Calus in a coup. Now that he's been killed - thanks to us - there's presumably a power vacuum at the top of Cabal society. A future expansion could see Calus and his loyalist legions reclaim power, and then give us a means to act on his invitation.

The Taken

Adventures and the world quest on Io see Asher Mir and Ikora Rey discussing everyone's favourite transdimensional abductees. It's suggested that their coordination, aggression, and apparent ability to continue 'taking' new victims means they've crowned a new leader since we killed Oryx in the original Destiny's Taken King expansion.

However, returning to the PC beta's datamined voice lines, one is reported to say "what if Oryx isn't dead?" The full game's datamine also has plenty of lines suggesting we're heading back to the Hive Dreadnaught at some point, so these are clear hints that a resurgent Taken army could be the focus of future content.

The Darkness

Of course, the biggest and most obvious foreshadowing comes at the end of Destiny 2's campaign, in the post-credits sting featuring the big black pyramid ships. This is almost certainly The Darkness: triangular shapes are shown in the game's prologue as your Ghost mentions the Traveler's ancient enemy, and it's also telling that these ships are only awakened when the Traveler is. Concept art from GDC way back in 2013 showed a fifth alien race, made of black smoke, beneath a collection of triangles (though it's worth acknowledging some similarities with the Taken here - perhaps some ideas were repurposed). 

Concept art of Destiny's alien races from GDC 2013 A meeting with The Darkness itself would be a momentous event, which is why we don't think it'll happen until...

Destiny 3 - September 2019/2020 (possibly)

Destiny 2's post-credits scene

Operating on a timescale so far in the future that it's almost redundant to include in this tracker, Destiny 3 is likely to happen at some point. The original game lasted for three years before its sequel was released, but rumours suggest this wasn't the plan, and that the Rise of Iron expansion was hastily bulked up to plug the hole caused by Destiny 2's delay.

Whether Destiny 2 is planned to last two years or three - either is possible - a full sequel just one year later is vanishingly unlikely. This means the earliest we're likely to see Destiny 3 is September 2019. 

That's the future laid out for you! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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