See eight heavily-armed superheroes battle it out in Destiny 2’s Crucible trailer

Destiny 2

Bungie and Activision have released an action-packed trailer for Destiny 2’s 4v4 Crucible mode, in which players fight it out for honour, glory, and dat sweet loot. 

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Destiny 2’s Guardians are like gunslinging superheroes, and the new trailer gets that across with plenty of pyrotechnics and some flashy maneuvers.

One example shows a Hunter sniping a dude, wading in with an SMG, punching a guy in the face, switching to a revolver and popping off a shot, then jumping through a portal before pulling out an energy staff and letting rip.

From there, a Titan wades in with a shoulder charge and fires some shots from an assault rifle. They then whip out an energy barrier and ready a rocket launcher, quickly powering up their special and bouncing a shield off opponents like a burly Captain America.

Check out the new trailer above. Destiny 2 will release for PC on October 24 – here’s everything we know about the game.