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Destiny 2 will get 11 unique new weapons through Prophecy quests in Curse of Osiris

destiny 2 curse of osiris infinite forest

Bungie have been spilling the beans on Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris content over a series of livestreams, and the latest of these has offered new details on Mercury’s massive public event and the Strikes you’ll be taking on – as well as a new series of quests opening up new weapons.

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Here’s everything we know about Curse of Osiris.

Those new quests come in the form of Lost Prophecies, which are tablets you can acquire from Vance at the hub. These Prophecies will sit in your inventory, and you’ll need to feed it a specific selection of drops. Once you’ve done that, Vance transmutes the tablet into something you can take to the forge and exchange for one of 11 unique new weapons.

The drops you’ll need to fulfill those prophecies might come from Heroic Adventures, which as the name implies are more difficult versions of Adventures. Sometimes those items might come from the new public quest, Crossroads, which Bungie continue to promise is the biggest such event yet.

Two new Strikes will also come in as part of Curse of Osiris, and they’ll be more tightly integrated into the story this time around. The first time you see them they’ll basically be story missions, available for you to attempt on your own. More traditional versions of those strikes will of course be available as part of playlists after the story is done.