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Destiny 2 players are spending more time with the sequel than the original

destiny 2 population tracker

Activision should be pretty happy with Destiny 2’s performance, as Bungie’s sci-fi sequel is apparently ahead of the original by every major metric, from earnings to time spent. The addition of a third platform in PC is certainly a contributing factor to the new game’s increased sales, but it seems the sequel is still managing to do more to keep players engaged.

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As part of their earnings report today, Activision announced that Destiny 2 is outperforming its predecessor in terms of total earnings, as well as time spent per player, average revenue per player, and attach rate for the expansion pass. That means it’s not just more unit sales driving the game’s success, but rather that players are sticking around longer and on average buying more additional content this time around.

This is an especially interesting revelation in light of the recent kerfuffle over the game’s dropping player counts, which were alternately regarded as a natural part of its life post-launch or a sign of a struggling game. Activision are certainly making a strong argument that it’s doing well.

They’re also calling it the best-selling console game of the year in the US, with over half of those sales coming from digital purchases. Not every game has gone that far into the digital future, as bigger titles like Call of Duty are still getting more significant portions of their sales through retail, though that obviously applies primarily to console sales.

Nonetheless, it’s great to see Destiny 2 outperforming its predecessor, especially since its shiny new PC port is helping to lead the game to new sales heights.