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Graviton Lance won’t suck after Destiny 2’s big Exotics update


Many of Destiny 2’s Exotic weapons and armour are getting an update to make them feel more special. We’ve known this since the development roadmap that was released at the end of January, but now we’ve had some details. The update – version 1.1.4 – is scheduled for March 27, but may slip to a later date.

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The tuning pass will be focused on “adding and/or increasing player power spikes.” All Exotics are being considered, but the closest attention is on those which don’t see a lot of use. The idea is to lean into an item’s established gameplay, without diluting its identity by making wide-ranging improvements.

Graviton Lance is offered as an example. Right now it does most of its damage in the last round of its three-round burst, with follow-up shots being hard to place because of its kick. This makes for an uncompetitive weapon in PvP and one which simply doesn’t offer enough utility in PvE – though it looks and feels great.

Bungie’s solution is to reduce recoil, raise aim assist, and make it a two-round burst rather than three. This should make it more competitive and easier to use – sandbox designer Jon Weisnewski even says Graviton Lance will have “a slight mathematical edge against other pulse rifles” in PvP.

Weapons that are confirmed to notbe getting an update are Merciless, Telesto, Wardcliff Coil, MIDA Multi-Tool, The Colony, Legend of Acrius, and Vigilance Wing. Some of these perform well right now, while others – like Vigilance Wing – will benefit from other tuning changes also scheduled in update 1.1.4.

The news comes in last night’s Bungie weekly update, which also announces the return of faction rallies next week after the Crimson Days event concludes.