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Bungie apologise for “a lapse in communication” over season 2 Faction Rally rewards

destiny 2 dead orbit faction rally new gear

Bungie have issued a(nother) statement in response to Destiny 2 Faction Rally feedback. An announcement from community manager Cozmo last night discussed changes to faction rewards, as well as the roll-out of the weapons for the game’s second season.

Here’s what you need to know about Destiny 2 Faction Rallies.

Cozmo first discusses “an issue in the previous Faction Rallies,” in which “players were earning hundreds of Faction Tokens per hour without firing a single shot.” That was eventually changed to a new system that ended up locking players out of Lost Sector rewards, but that didn’t work either. Cozmo says that Bungie is “looking at a change that won’t make players feel forced to run to and from a single chest for hours while not placing a hard stop on enjoying Lost Sectors.” The changes should be live in the next patch.

Cozmo also addresses the issue of season two faction rally weapons, which haven’t been appearing in faction rally crates. He says “it was not made clear beforehand that the new Season 2 weapons would be added throughout the events of the Season rather than all at once at the beginning,” and apologises for “this lapse in communications.”

In a separate post, the way that season two faction rally rewards would be rolled out was explained. A new auto rifle will be available as the Winner’s Offering at the end of this rally, and with every subsequent rally, the previous offering will be added to Faction engram rewards, alongside an additional weapon. In total, five brand new weapons will make their way into engram rewards over the course of season two.

That’s not proven a particularly popular move, as a quick glance at the comments section beneath that post will make abundantly clear. Meanwhile, game director Chris Barrett has been discussing some different weapon changes, saying that Snipers, Shotguns, and Fusion Rifles need “a return to glory.”