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Destiny 2: Forsaken will bring back daily Heroic Story missions

Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 has struggled since launch to offer meaningful long-term reasons to play. But the upcoming Forsaken expansion may be able to solve at least some of the problems by looking to the past. Daily Heroic Story missions were a staple of the original Destiny, and they’re set to return in Destiny 2.

Heroic Story missions are opportunities to replay missions from the campaign at the higher Heroic difficulty level. Aside from an increased challenge, Heroic Story missions also provide bonus loot at a higher level, which allows you to boost your overall Power.

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Currently, powerful gear is typically found through Destiny 2’s weekly Milestones. These challenges are launched as part of the weekly reset, but can be easily achieved inside a day. For frequent players, it means waiting until the next weekly reset for another opportunity to grab high-level gear. The reintroduction of Daily Heroics means there will be an opportunity to bolster your Power level  every day.

The news comes from an interview with Bungie conducted by GamesRadar at E3 2018. “We’re bringing back Daily Heroic Story missions, so we’re actually adding more ways to go out and get more Power,” Steve Cotton, game director at Bungie, says.

He also notes that there will be other frequent challenges to provide continual activities throughout the week: “You can do the Heroic Story missions, other daily challenges, some that are less frequent than daily but more frequently than every week, that kind of stuff.”

There’s also going to be a new emphasis placed on Strikes, Destiny’s three-player dungeons: “Our goal is to get you to play Strikes better than we actually have over the last year.”

While daily questing may seem a small change, it could be a hugely positive step for Destiny 2; the game has failed to offer a compelling roadmap of things for players to do on a regular, recurring basis. Forsaken is all about reinforcing the hobby side of the game, and it seems Bungie has the right ideas at the very least.

We know plenty more about the game, including the Destiny 2: Forsaken release date, all about it’s cool new Gambit PvPvE mode, and how weapons are being changed up. Fingers crossed this will all help bring Destiny 2 back from the brink.