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The Hunter Arcstrider is Destiny 2’s showboating staff specialist

The Hunter Arcstrider

Bungie have been revealing more information on Destiny 2’s sub-classes, and this time it’s the turn of the Hunter Arcstrider, a deadly martial artist who can hit fast and hard. The trick to using the class is to zip in and out of conflict with your energy staff, delivering damage and getting out of trouble before taking any back. It’s basically the classic Monk class from those RPG things.  

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In many ways it’s similar to the Bladedancer class from the first game, with high jumps, triple jumps, mid-air strafes, and grenade selection remaining largely the same. The changes come with two new dodge abilities: Marksman’s Dodge and Gambler’s Dodge. The first lets you reload your weapon automatically while also skirting out of harm’s way, while the latter lets you build up melee energy by dodging while closing in on enemies.

Other unlockable abilities feed into this, such as Combat Flow, which recharges your dodge for a successful kill. Play right, and you can zip between enemies, downing them without missing a beat. Another skill, Deadly Reach, extends your melee range when attacking after a dodge, making this combination even more deadly. With Lethal Current, you can even hit twice after dodging, making you formidable when mixing it up in-between enemy ranks.

Another upgrade path lets you focus on disrupting the enemy, using disorienting strikes to leave them vulnerable for your teammates. While not quite as showy, it’s no less useful for a team player. Check out the Game Informer exclusive for the full details.