Watch us play the entire Inverted Spire Strike in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Strike

One of the core elements of Destiny 2 are Strikes; 3-player cooperative missions that allow Bungie to push Guardians through meaner, more creative encounters. They’re the equivalent of MMO dungeons; not quite as challenging as a raid, but more important than your average quest. We’ve played The Inverted Spire, a Strike set on the planet Nessus, and you can watch the entire thing right here. 

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The video above is the full mission, as played by Matt, completely uncut. Matt’s also here to comment on what was going on, and is joined by PCGamesN’s behind-the-scenes Destiny nerd Kelly. Together they discuss the new weapons, class abilities, and level design, while the Strike team attempt to take down the Vex’s Modular Mind.

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