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Destiny 2 will see the return of hardcore PvP event Iron Banner

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If you're the competitive type, you’ll be glad to know that Destiny’s Iron Banner PvP event is probably returning for the sequel.

Check our Destiny 2 class guide for the details on what you should play.

Iron Banner differs from Destiny’s standard PvP mode, the Crucible, in that damage modifiers based on your gear level are applied. Players without high-end gear will thus get creamed, effectively making Iron Banner a late-game event, with commensurate rewards. Though not as extreme as Trials of Osiris, it's a step up from normal Crucible.

So, how do we know it’s returning? There’s a Hunter in last month’s gameplay trailer (you can see it here), wearing a new armour set with Iron Banner livery. It’s a brief glimpse, but unmistakeable:

Thanks to Destiny streamer Gigz, who tweeted out some screengrabs of the trailer.

Iron Banner armour has been some of the coolest in the original game, taking inspiration from European knights and Viking warriors, and it seems Bungie are looking at Samurai this time around. Note also the sword: it’s much shorter than the big broadswords in the original Destiny, which could suggest a variety of sword types.

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Notellin avatarRichard Scott-Jones avatar
Notellin Avatar
10 Months ago

Anyone who has played Destiny knows there is absolutely nothing hardcore about Iron Banner. The increased damage from being higher level is so minimal it's non existent.

Only thing Iron Banner is good for is that it hands out legendary loot like candy compared to normal crucible.

But to call it hardcore is a huge exaggeration.

Richard Scott-Jones Avatar
10 Months ago

Last time Bungie talked about the IB power curve (around TTK) they explained that a difference of 10 Light equates to 2% in damage. That's not nothing with damage so finely balanced across weapon archetypes, but yeah, if you're 390+ IB is no big deal.

Clearly you're in that position, but consider the rest of the player base. Many aren't anywhere near max Light, and to them IB looks pretty intimidating. Personally, I know I've noticed the difference in IB early in an expansion, or on an alt, before I got my Light level up.

But hey, these things are relative. IB has nothing on Trials, for sure.