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Destiny 2’s Nightfall Strikes and Raid Lairs are set to change

destiny 2 crimson days

Another week, another round of Destiny 2 updates. In a post last night, Bungie explained changes to Nightfall Strikes, delays to raid plans, and tweaks to Lost Sector chests.

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The biggest changes are coming to strikes. Last week’s Destiny 2 roadmap announced changes to Nightfall, which Bungie say “have been the subject of a lot of feedback since launch.” Issues stemmed in particular from the fact that many players felt the time limit made strikes unnecessarily stressful. Game director Christopher Barrett says, however, that “Nightfall should be a challenging test that only the bravest guardians dare face,” and that “conquering Nightfall should be a badge of honor, with the best players able to show off their achievements.” That concept that will inform the direction of Nightfall in the future, with changes to scoring, mechanics, and the introduction of Challenge Cards for Nightfall.

There are also plans to bring out more regular raids. Senior designer Joe Blackburn says that “going forward, all raids will all have a normal mode active at all times, and each week one raid or Raid Lair will have a curated loadout mode.” There’ll also be modifiers to enhance the way you play.

You can check out everything in the latest round of proposed updates here, for a closer look at changes to Raids, Nightfall, and more.