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Destiny 2 datamine mentions Osiris, Sparrow Racing, and other future content


First, the Destiny 2 PC beta was datamined, revealing rather a lot about its campaign for those who wanted to spoil it for themselves. Now the full version has also been plundered, and plenty of new details of future content have been posted to Reddit. Don’t read on if you’re concerned about spoilers.

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Much of those details come through voice lines that mention future patrol destinations, story details, events, and new characters. Treat them with a little scepticism: some may have been cut from the base game because Bungie have reworked the story, and whatever they suggest may never come to pass. Depending on how devious you reckon Bungie are, some may even be red herrings. But it’s very likely that some are hinting at forthcoming content.

The following points seem the most plausible to us:

  • Shiro, a Hunter working for the Vanguard who was introduced in the original game’s Rise of Iron expansion, returns, and will be found on Mercury. We know we’re heading to Mercury in the forthcoming Osiris DLC.
  • Osiris himself returns to the Tower. That’s plausible – I personally have a theory that he’ll be sticking around for a while. Check out our post on the Curse of Osiris DLC for more.
  • The Sparrow Racing League will return, and famous racer Marcus Ren will make an appearance. SRL usually kicks off around Christmas, and last year, it was a part of the Dawning event. The Dawning is confirmed to return, so it’s no surprise that SRL will, too.
  • A line from Ikora mentions the ‘House of Dusk’, a new Fallen house who worship the Darkness. As you’ll know if you’ve finished the campaign (you did see the spoiler warning, right?), the Darkness is seemingly on the march once again, so the House of Dusk could well tie in with, or herald, its arrival.

The Cabal

The following lines are far more speculative, but consequently, all the juicier:

  • Phobos, a Martian moon where the Cabal had a base in Destiny 1, is mentioned, and hinted to be a new patrol zone. Plenty of loose threads to wrap up there, especially since it was the first place the Taken attacked. Speaking of which…
  • The Dreadnaught – the vast ship upon which the Taken arrived in the solar system, and a patrol zone in The Taken King expansion – is mentioned, and it seems we may be heading backat some point. The PC beta datamine hinted that Oryx might not be dead, so a critical mass of possibility is developing here, but we’ll be surprised if any of this happens before or during the Rasputin DLC, due in the spring.
  • Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter (like Io), and Myriad, which was mentioned alongside ‘Ness’ in the text for the game’s Russian localisation before it was fixed. The context of that mention was a resource-gathering perk on a Ghost Shell, which suggests Myriad will be an explorable location. This one’s especially spurious – it’s worth noting that Myriad and Ganymede could have been rolled into Nessus and Io.
  • Some of the original Destiny’s patrol zones are mentioned – notably Venus, Mars, and Old Russia – though it’s not clear if we’ll ever return.
  • The Reef – the home of the Awoken, in the asteroid belt – and the Prison of Elders, where they keep their nastiest captives, are both mentioned. So are local NPCs Petra Venj and Variks. The Prison of Elders was a horde mode, added in the original Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion, while the Reef was its second social space. It’s plausible that we might return to pick up various dangling plot threads, but this is probably a while off.
  • The Black Garden (the final level of the original’s campaign) and the Vault of Glass (Destiny’s first raid, and some would say, still its best) are both mentioned.

The datamine comes via Redditor TheEcumene – here’s their post.