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Destiny 2 PC won’t work with Fraps or streaming software in Game Capture mode

Destiny 2 PC port

As part of initiatives to fight against third-party code insertion from applications, Destiny 2 on PC has some very strange limitations. These include not working with some features of popular streaming platforms OBS and Xsplit, as well as disabling integrations with programs like Discord and Fraps.

It’s unlikely to have a negative impact on the average player, but it’s going to make things more challenging for analysis of the quality of the port and some streamers.

Here’s everything else we know about Destiny 2 PC.

As explained in the help article, highlighted by NeoGAF, it’s an attempt to limit code insertion into the game. This is all well and good – the problems that particularly Ubisoft’s PC ports have had with cheating and hacking are well known – but it’s strange in that it’s the first time I’ve seen it actually announced.

OBS Game Capture is a very commonly used tool by streamers to get their content together. Equally, we use Fraps for some elements of our port analysis, and thousands use the other programs mentioned as part of their daily routines. While those programs not working is hardly unique to Bungie’s latest, it’s usually a bug rather than a feature. Trying to kill off malicious code insertion is great – having to disable these programs to do it, not so much.

We’ve reached out to Bungie to see if they’ll explain why they’ve had to go to these measures. There’s no mention in the article of this just being for the PC beta either, so expect it in the final release. However, we’ll know well ahead of time if the port is in a shoddy state thanks to that beta.