After the first month, Destiny 2 PC will have simultaneous content releases with console

A Titan in New Monarchy armour

Destiny 2 was delayed on PC, and we’re all very unhappy about it. Now it’s just 24 hours from release, and once the initial release window is out of the way – bringing us the PvP trials, Leviathan raid, and various hard modes – everything will be simultaneous between console and PC. We won’t be waiting for DLC, season rolls or anything else.

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Destiny 2

“We’re gonna have this period of time where the raid and trials will unlock, give people an appropriate amount of time to get ready for those activities. After that, it will be completely in-sync with console – everything will drop at the same time, DLCs, events, seasons, all that stuff will come in at the same time,” explains Thomas Gawrys, Destiny 2 PC lead at porting studio Vicarious Visions.

As you can imagine, this raises the question of why was there any delay at all, why not just release at the same time as console. That’s what they wanted says David Shaw, PC lead at Bungie, but it’s not that simple.

“Honestly, we really wanted to ship day and date. PC as a first class citizen was one of those pillars for us, but through the development process we came to the realisation that to do it right, to really deliver the game that PC players want and deserve we needed that extra window of time to really land it properly. In retrospect, now that the build is done and on its way out the door, I can tell you that it was absolutely the right call and the game the players are gonna get is that much better for it.”

Past that though, “it’s just one game. Iron Banner week is Iron Banner week, when DLC 1 drops it drops everywhere at the same time – so it’s all one happy universe where everybody gets to feel like it’s their game.”

Servers willing, naturally. We’ll see how that goes at 18:00 BST / 10:00 PDT tomorrow, here’s the full Destiny 2 PC release times if you’re wondering. As for future developments, cross-save – the ability to play the same character on console and PC – is heavily requested by the community, and heard by the development team.

“There’s two things the community talks about – cross-play and cross-save,” says Shaw. “We honestly hear more calls for cross-save and we think that’s an interesting thing. We’d like to be able to do that too, but we don’t have anything to announce relative to that.”