Here’s the release schedule for Destiny 2 PC’s Leviathan raid

Destiny 2 PC release times

It’s 2017, so when a game is out, that’s just the start. Bungie have announced their plans for Destiny 2’s immediate post-launch content on PC. This is the hardest content in the raid and its prestige mode, plus the ultra-competitive Trials of the Nine and Guided Games, Destiny 2’s new looking for group system.

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Here’s the deal. On October 24 – that’s Tuesday – Destiny 2 releases. Full campaign, strikes, PvP in the crucible, hard-mode strikes called Nightfall, and so on. Here’s the release times for all that, in case you missed them upon initial announcement:

  • 10:00 PDT, October 24
  • 13:00 EDT
  • 18:00 BST
  • 19:00 CEST
  • 04:00 AEST, October 25

The following week on Wednesday, November 1, the Leviathan raid will go live – probably at 10:00 Pacific as well. A similarly timed release for Trials of the Nine is expected on the Friday, November 3. Finally on Tuesday, November 7, the Raid Guided Games and Raid Prestige Mode will be launched. Then it’s a wait for the first major DLC, Curse of Osiris.

All this was revealed this morning on Bungie’s site. They also gave the known issues list for the PC version. Most are unlikely to affect the average player, unless you’re rocking three monitors or particularly enjoy binding numpad keys. As always, do check your drivers are up to date before kicking off once things are started.

Bungie also announced that weekly challenge modes would be coming to Destiny 2’s raid, giving you guranteed loot and a special emblem. They’re not going to explain exactly what these are, only when you’ve failed, so players will have to work it out for themselves.

After the massive wait between versions, the game is finally out soon via Pre-orders nab you a batch of goodies, if you want them.