Destiny 2 text chat on PC enables you to explain why you’re screwing up this Raid

Destiny 2 worlds

In Nvidia and Bungie’s ongoing collaboration to make PC the best place to play Destiny 2, Nvidia have confirmed (and in some cases reconfirmed) a host of technical features exclusive to the game’s PC version. 

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These include HDR (high dynamic range) lighting, SLI (scalable link interface) support, graphics that scale to 4K, an in-built framerate counter, field of view adjustment, and voice and text chat.

Though we’d pretty much assumed it would happen, the confirmation of text chat on PC is new, and a major selling point for our platform over consoles as it means all players can manage at least a basic level of communication, even without a headset. That’s a big deal for raid teams – nothing causes the online toxicity of which Bungie are so afraid quite like a player who can’t explain why they’re screwing up a basic challenge.

On the graphical side, HDR lighting (or rendering) captures details that would otherwise be lost due to limiting contrast ratios, enabling brighter brights, darker darks, and more detail in both. The difference between it and standard fixed-aperture rendering can be profound.

Destiny 2 worlds

SLI is applicable to a smaller niche of gamers – specifically, those of you who have linked two graphics cards. You probably already know that SLI is Nvidia’s name for their multi-GPU tech, which enables your linked cards to produce a single output.

“We wanted to treat PC gamers like first class citizens since the first day of development,” Bungie community manager DeeJ said at Nvidia’s conference. “[Destiny 2] is built from the ground up to be amazing on state-of-the-art hardware.

“It should feel native on the PC. This begins with uncompromising art and captivating gameplay.”

Game-ready Nvidia drivers will be ready to go with the Destiny 2 PC beta on August 29. Nvidia also reminded us that you can get a free copy of Destiny 2, plus some exclusive gear and the pre-order incentive Coldheart weapon, when you buy a GTX 1080. One to consider if you’re in the mood to upgrade.