Destiny 2 won’t be using solely peer-to-peer servers

destiny 2 vac cheating dedicated servers

Amidst the excitement of last weekend’s Destiny 2 announcements, one question seemed to rise above the hustle and bustle and dominate the entire narrative. ‘Will there be dedicated servers?’ This line of enquiry is a particularly important one for PC gamers, where the use of cheating software is a legitimate issue and anyone who has played CS:GO will attest to this. Bungie have responded in a lengthy blog post and this answer is…it’s complicated.

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Matt Segur, Engineering Lead on Destiny 2, assures us that Bungie has “invested heavily in new server infrastructure” and will even be “using cloud servers for gameplay for the first time.” This doesn’t mean we’ll be getting dedicated servers. However, what we are getting is a kind of hybrid. In his own words, “every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers.” He goes on to add that “this differs from Destiny 1, where these hosting duties were performed by player consoles and only script and mission logic ran in the data center.” One advantage of this model is a lack of host migration. If the host leaves a raid, the game can seamlessly continue without having to stop and switch to another player.

With regards to cheating, Matt acknowledges that “the PC platform poses unique security challenges for Destiny 2.” However he assures us that they “have a variety of top-secret strategies to ensure that the life of a cheater in Destiny 2 will be nasty, brutish, and short.” While he accepts that some of the aforementioned issues cannot be totally eradicated, he explains that Bungie are committed to striking a balance between responsiveness, accessibility and fairness. With an ongoing desire to refine it as time goes on.

Destiny 2 is currently on course to get a beta this summer, with more solid dates coming soon. It will be a exclusive on PC, but you can pre-order it Amazon US for $59.99 or Amazon UK for £40. Check out the full blog post for more info over at