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Destiny 2’s Cayde and Zavala throw down in this fan-made rap battle


One of the best things about Destiny – whatever else may be going on – is its community. Bungie’s weekly updates regularly feature YouTube videos and artwork made by fans, whether to show off their skill in PvP, make fun of a bug, or reassemble the Backstreet Boys.  

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One of the first examples of this was a song by rapper and Destiny fan Dan Bull, who gave us this piece of magic less than a week after the original game launched:

Partnering with web filmmaker Harry Partridge, Bull is back for the sequel, with a rap battle between super-serious Vanguard Commander Zavala, and his sidekick Cayde-6. You can witness their spat rhymes in the video above.

Destiny 2 is in the middle of a free trial, so if you’re at all curious about Bungie’s epic space shooter, all you need to do is head to Battle.net and download it. Should you? Here’s our review, though it’s worth noting that Bungie’s recent announcements have acknowledged many of our criticisms and those of the community, and fixes are planned. For a run-down of all the new content and updates that are coming soon to the game, check our Destiny 2 update tracker.