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Lucky fan nabs a custom-built Destiny 2 Exotic replica at a Bungie party

destiny 2 rat king

Imagine that your best pal works for Bungie, and you’re invited as a plus one to the Destiny 2 launch event. Pretty rad, right? Well, now imagine walking home with a custom-built replica of one of the game’s new exotic weapons. This is the unlikely true story of one person on Reddit.

More details on the in-game Rat King can be found in our Destiny 2 Exotics guide.

We’d have a rougher time believing this story if not for the bevy of photographic evidence detailing the replica Rat King in all its glory. Marvel at its intricately detailed lineup of rats! Gaze in wonder at its detachable magazine and trigger spring! Wonder at how many raids you’ll have to endure to get one in-game!

The gun was built by Impact Props, a small workshop specializing in all sorts of nerdy replicas. When they’re in stock, their current line of Destiny hand cannons are priced $500, so there’s no doubt this is a premium collectible. Our lucky Redditor picked up the prize in a raffle, but only after it turned out the first choice had left the party early. Never give up when the Rat King’s on the line, folks.

Sadly, the replica does not unlock the digital version of the gun, nor does it confer stacking damage bonuses or invisibility when you reload after a kill. Also, while console players will be enjoying Destiny 2 as of tomorrow, PC folks areforced to wait until October 24. There’s just generally a lot of Destiny 2-related envy happening right now, honestly.