Get your first look at Destiny 2’s evolving social space, The Farm

Destiny 2 The Farm

Bungie have just shown off The Farm from Destiny 2, which acts as the game’s all-new social space. It’s a ragtag resistance camp filled with chickens, water wheels, and even a football pitch.

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The Farm is as pretty as you’d expect, and it seems Bungie haven’t lost the art of creating the prettiest skyboxes in games. In the distance, you can see the broken shard from the fallen Traveller; the power-giving sky sphere from the original game, now shattered and broken.

This new social space will also evolve over time, with more NPCs filling it up as you press on through the story. That explains the lack of some familiar faces, then. Shaxx is nowhere near the Crucible in the new footage, and Holliday isn’t by the hangar.

You can see Tyra Karn, the Cryptarch from the Rise of Iron expansion, however. She deals in Exotics only now.

Of course, you’ll also be sharing this space with other players – 25, in fact – and Bungie promise there will be plenty of stuff hidden around the farm for you to do, from activities to secret ability boosts, such as super speed – you can only use these on The Farm, though.

Check it out in the video above.