Destiny 2’s new loot cave is no more

The new hotfix also reduces the Vanguard strike playlist Power requirement among other issues

A Destiny 2 warlock in Trials of Osiris armor

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has coyly revealed that the space game’s new loot cave is no more. The new hotfix,, seeks to address several issues pertaining to certain activities, combat, rewards, and the ongoing season. Unfortunately for Prime Engram hoarders, this also includes the hottest spot in the Cosmodrome.

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the appearance of an engram-farming spot in Destiny’s Cosmodrome. The term ‘loot cave’ originally came into use back in the days of the first Destiny instalment, after Guardians stumbled upon the motherland’s motherlode. This was swiftly patched out, but not before savvy players had their fill.

Now, several years later, this new spot promised Prime-attuned players a profusion of plunder in the form of Prime Engrams, which would subsequently help them quickly hit the soft Power cap. It was also utilised as a way to gradually rank up the battle pass.

Although Destiny 2’s loot cave wasn’t quite as opulent as the one frequented in its predecessor, the fact remains that players were receiving just a few more goodies from their endeavours than the devs intended. As such, part of the new hotfix’s focus is to prevent enemies from spawning continuously during certain activities in the Cosmodrome. “This should resolve an issue where gaggles of Guardians would convene in the Divide, all shooting into a cave-like structure,” the patch notes read.

From this we learn two things: not only has the Cosmodrome lost its star attraction, but we are also to refer to a group of Guardians as a ‘gaggle’. The other notable activity-based issue the hotfix addresses comes in the form of the Vanguard strike playlist incorrectly being set to 1100 Power. This has now been reduced to 1050 power; a huge boon for players returning to the game for the first time since Beyond Light’s launch. You can click here to access the full hotfix notes.