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Destiny 2 players have found a new loot cave

It's in the Cosmodrome, funnily enough

There are fewer things more appealing to me as a Destiny player than the promise of better loot at little expense of effort. One of my favourite memories from the original Destiny was the loot cave. You’d line up and shoot into a cave endlessly, only deviating every half an hour or so to hoover up your spoils. Exciting? Not really, but it was a very efficient way to boost your light level so you could tackle the raid.

The original loot cave was located in the Cosmodrome – the memorial is still there – so it’s oddly fitting that players have stumbled across another loot cave there upon the destination’s return. If you fancy checking it out for yourself, spawn into the Cosmodrome at the Steppes and double back to The Divide. Once you’re there, you should see three buildings to the right of where the Walker Tank tends to spawn. Before you head in, clear out all the enemies in and around it. After that, head inside and you’ll find a room with a spawn door, and a heap of enemies to boot. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need your Daily Prime Attunement.

The results of the new loot cave are fine. One player said on Reddit it took them 45 minutes to get one prime engram alongside half a rank on their battle pass, whereas another shared that after one hour they had eight blue engrams, two purple ones, and two prime ones.

That said, It’s certainly the easiest and most relaxed way to rank up. While you’ll level up quicker through Gambit and PvP, doing the same thing for too long can be draining. Options are nice, you know?

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