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Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter patch makes big changes to Whisper

The Whisper changes aren't technically nerfs, but they sure feel like it

The Season of the Drifter begins in Destiny 2 today, and Bungie has rolled out the full patch notes so you’ll know what you’re dealing with. The big new features – from Gambit Prime and Reckoning to Xur’s new selection of Forsaken Exotics – have already been detailed previously, but now we’ve got details on all the smaller changes set to hit the game. And there are a lot.

Perhaps the most notable are the nerfs – especially to Sleeper Simulant, which will have ammo reserves reduced from 13 to nine, and Whisper of the Worm, which suffers an even bigger reduction from 20 to nine. Given how challenging Whisper was to claim, players aren’t thrilled about the change – though since the weapon automatically refills your ammo for repeated crits, there’s no reduction in Whisper’s potential. You just have to be more precise to make use of it.

Machine guns are also getting a significant nerf, as the ammo bonus granted by the Machine Gun Reserves perk is reduced by half and damage against bosses and minibosses is dropping by 21%.

Rocket launches are getting a matched nerf and buff that should make them more consistent, as cluster bomb damage will drop by 80% while generally PvE damage will increase by around 60%. That means cheesing bosses with cluster bombs will be much less effective, but launchers as a whole will be better – probably a fair trade-off.

Oh, and Year 2 armour is now going to drop with a random stat package for heavy, restorative, or mobile configurations. Yes, that means your fashion options are about to break wide open.

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Those are the highlights, but there are plenty more changes noted in the full patch notes. You can get into the Season of the Drifter as of today, and there’s plenty more to come from this update throughout the next few weeks.