Destiny 2 is getting Seasonal Challenges to tackle FOMO

You'll get up to ten challenges week designed to guide you through the game's content

A Destiny 2 Titan running through Europa while cloaked in ice

Destiny 2 can feel hard to get into and even harder to keep up with. There are so many weapons, activities, and pieces of lore to keep track of that my years of playing the space game feel undone if I take a week off. Bungie is aware of that, though, and has something up its sleeve to help.

In this week's TWAB, Bungie explains that it's introducing Seasonal Challenges next season to tackle FOMO and give players different ways to earn experience points and goodies. The way it works is quite simple. For the first ten weeks of a season, you'll get three to ten new challenges on the new Seasonal Challenges page. Some of these tasks relate to seasonal activities, crucible games, or strikes; others will merely ask you to improve weapons or armour.

Bungie hopes this will guide players old and new who don't know where to start when they boot up Destiny 2. One of the trade-offs is that Zavala, Shaxx, Drifter, Banshee-44, and the seasonal vendor will no longer offer weekly bounties, but they'll still provide tasks you can do daily.

Elsewhere in the TWAB, Bungie shares that the team is making some sandbox changes in preparation for cross-play, set to come to Destiny 2 this year. Most of it involves bringing the recoil of weapons in line with their console counterparts, which is sure to please many.

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