Hunters can swap dodges for blinks in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

The Destiny 2 Beyond Light release date is still some ways away, but Bungie has revealed some of the expansion’s best duds. There are a fair few Exotics from sniper rifles to gauntlets. But first, the new Exotic Hunter helmet – it looks ever so good.

It’s called Mask of Bakris, and it replaces the Dodge ability with an extended range Shift that also temporarily cloaks you during use. It looks a bit different to the Blink ability some will remember from Destiny 1, or the one Warlocks have, but it’ll function the same way in letting you close the gap. The mask, er, certainly looks interesting visually.

Titans and Warlocks have also got their share of potential bonkers Exotics. The former is getting gauntlets called Icefall Mantle that allows them to swap barricades for overshields. Given how useful the overshield from the One-Eyed Mask is, this one could be solid. The latter, meanwhile, is getting a new helmet called Dawn Chorus that gives Daybreak projectiles extra damage and causes foes to burn. You’ll also get more melee energy when someone takes damage from that inferno.

There is a bevvy of new weapons on show, too. The returning No Time To Explain can “summon a portal which will fire bullets from an alternate timeline of the weapon” if you stack critical hits. There’s also a new sniper called Cloudstrike that deals lightning damage to anyone close to a guardian that has been shot to the head. Oaft.

You can catch the trailer below to see it all in action:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you need something else to mull over before Beyond Light hits, then our Destiny 2 classes guide will help you decide if you want to line up as a Titan, Warlock, or Hunter when the day comes.