Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest explained

If you want to get older Exotics, you're going to need to stock up on Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest in order to purchase the old, powerful, weapons.


Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest is a new item that Bungie introduced in the game’s Beyond Light expansion. Getting a bunch of them will allow you to pick up old Destiny 2 Exotics from previous expansions that you may have missed out on if you were taking a break, or simply found one of their quests too difficult.

It proves to be a nifty addition, too, as some Exotic quests asked you to visit certain locations in the free PC game and achieve various things. That’s all well and good, but lots of Destiny 2‘s locations have been vaulted, so you can imagine the kind of roadblocks you’d come across if you tried to do any one of these quests right now. We’re looking at you, Izanagi’s Burden. Bungie has also done the same with Destiny 2’s Pinnacle Weapons, which typically involve beating hard quests to get.

Where to find Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest

You can get Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest by completing any of the game’s raids. You’ll get the much sought-after currency part way through, in the mid-raid chests, and after completing a Destiny 2 raid.

Now that you know how to get Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest, it’s time to grind those raids and complete your collection of Destiny 2 Exotics in anticipation of the Lightfall release date – you’re going to want to be geared up for the biggest Destiny 2 expansion to date.