Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen update is causing issues on Steam

Bungie is currently looking into the issue

Empress Caiatl looming behind Zavala

People are having a tough time playing Destiny 2 on Steam following Season of the Chosen’s release. Since the new season went live, Reddit and the space game’s forums have been filled with issues. The most persistent complaint is that players are clicking play, waiting around for 20-30 seconds, and seeing the play button come back. I’ve also seen other people note that the Season Pass is missing, or that the game is crashing out of the blue.

Bungie was swift to issue a patch last light to “help resolve issues causing players to crash when launching into activities”. While I’ve seen fewer reports of the game crashing since then, though, there are still heaps of posts reporting that the game won’t launch at all.

Bungie is aware of that issue, too, and has since provided an update. “We are currently investigating reports of players who are unable to launch the Destiny 2 client on Steam,” the developer says on Twitter. “We’ll provide more information once it becomes available.”

Destiny 2’s latest season of content features your usual offering of new strikes, gear, and season activity. This time around it’s called Battlegrounds, and it’s a three-player matchmade activity where you engage in ritual combat against a powerful new foe. Outside of general loot chasing, a new strike called Proving Grounds is on the way, and you can play the Devil’s Lair and Fallen Saber strikes from the original Destiny.

As for the story, we are once again stepping into a war with the Cabal. This time it’s Empress Caiatl, leader of the Cabal and daughter of Calus. In short, Caiatl wanted a truce at too great a price, so now we fight. Well, we would if we could launch Destiny 2 on Steam.