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Destiny 2 Telesto takeover offers Guardians a free emblem

Destiny 2's Telesto takeover may not have any puzzles to solve according to TWAB, but players can access a code to get a free Telesto-themed emblem in the FPS

Destiny 2 Telesto takeover offers Guardians a free emblem: An image of Telesto on a bluish background.

Guardian cryptographers hoping to find secrets within the recent Destiny 2 Telesto takeover will be disappointed to learn that the latest TWAB claims there are no puzzles to solve regarding the in-game changes. However, emblem collectors will be happy to learn that the official Destiny Twitter account has shared a code that will allow Guardians to collect a free Telesto-related emblem.

In this week’s TWAB, Bungie developers acknowledged that Telesto had undergone some unusual changes. While it didn’t outright reference the weapon’s newfound sentience, it did suggest there are no puzzles or secrets involved with the mysterious changes.

“We are aware that Telesto is acting, well, like Telesto honestly. So, we wanted to give a little tip for the New Lights that may not have heard that when Telesto acts up, we just toss a blanket over it until we can put a more permanent fix in,” the blog says.

“Anyway, no puzzles or secrets to be found. Despite what the machine says we are in full control of the situation and there is no need to panic.”

It was initially unclear whether the Bungie team is being tongue-in-cheek here but, typically, an official communication that suggests there are no puzzles or secrets means that there are, in fact, no mysteries.

However, the official Destiny Twitter account, acting as Telesto, later tweeted a code for a free Telesto-related emblem. Players can redeem the emblem with the code 9LX-7YC-6TX, which they can use on Bungie’s code redemption portal for an emblem called Schrödinger’s Gun.

The note mentioning that there are not, in fact, any greater puzzles is in line with a tweet from Bungie’s Global Community Lead, who tweeted the day Telesto appeared to take over the account.

“No puzzles to solve, just a ghost in the machine. Don’t panic—we are working on a fix,” Cosmo’s November 9 tweet reads.

However, with Telesto having ‘taken over’ the Destiny 2 Twitter account, the storyline indicates that the Bungie team is not, in fact, in control. The weapon’s activities since taking over also suggest Guardians shouldn’t take Bungie’s denials at face value.

Although the TWAB added little to the Telesto mystery, Telesto continues to use Destiny 2 Twitter account to make strange statements, such as a tweet that reads:

They call me Telesto
Say it with your chesto
My zest for stress tests just coalescedo
Conquest this blessedo
Will soon be repressedo
Suggest you rest if you’re feeling distressedo
You’re a guest for this festo
At my behesto
As long as you express I’m the absolute [ERROR]

Some Redditors suggested that the changes may be a tease for expected Exotic weapon reworks coming next season and may also be testing functionality that would allow Bungie to make changes more rapidly in the future.

The TWAB also mentions a forthcoming Iron Banner change to be implemented when the next Iron Banner begins on November 15. “In Eruption, we fixed a bug where defeating a Primed player on a 5+ streak would give extra points for each participant player,” the TWAB says.

The developers noted that the point swings were a little too powerful, so it now only rewards points to the player who deals the final blow. Additionally, the team updated the mode to show players Iron Banner medals instead of unintentionally showing Crucible medals.

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