Destiny reaches 167 million players, most of them Hunters

On its sixth birthday, Destiny's got some stats to celebrate

It has been exactly six years since Destiny first launched. (Yes, they made a game before Destiny 2, shame it never came to PC.) Now Bungie is celebrating the occasion with a few notable stats, including the percentages to finally reveal which class is the most popular. Yes, of course, it’s Hunters.

Destiny, across both versions of the game, has reached 167 million total players, who’ve logged 8.6 billion hours of playtime. That translates to nearly a million years, which is enough time to take us back to some of the earliest human ancestors emerging from the evolutionary chain. I think I read a story about this on some Grimoire card or another.

38% of Destiny characters are Hunters, ahead of Titans and Warlocks, which are both tied at 31% of the share. So yes, now that they’re confirmed to be a majority – as we all suspected – you can feel free to continue making fun of Hunters, just as the folks at Bungie themselves love to do.

Bungie also has a recipe for a celebratory birthday cake for you over on the official site.

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Perhaps we can help you sort out Destiny 2’s best class? Clearly, most numerous does not mean best.