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Legendary sci-fi FPS is free to claim right now, but don’t wait long

Deus Ex Mankind Divided, the most recent entry to the classic Deus Ex sci-fi FPS series, is free to keep if you grab a copy right now.

Legendary sci-fi FPS free to claim: A man in sunglasses, Adam Jensen from Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

We didn’t know it at the time, but the revival of classic sci-fi series Deus Ex that began with 2011’s Deus Ex Human Revolution was about to come to a sudden halt just five years later, in 2016. That year saw the launch of Deus Ex Mankind Divided, which didn’t quite hit the same highs as its predecessor, but continued to offer a satisfying blend of stealth action and world exploration within the context of a story about the ethical and social implications of rapid technological progress. Now we have good news for anyone who’s meant to check the game out: Deus Ex Mankind Divided is free to keep on PC if it’s claimed soon.

The latest entry to the cyberpunk game series picks up where Human Revolution left off, bringing protagonist Adam Jensen to a near future version of Prague rift by divisions between the city’s technologically augmented and non-cyborg populations. Deus Ex Mankind Divided offers more of the series’ blend of sneaking and outright action as well as a storyline that ties into the series’ origins back in 2000.

We’d recommend playing it after Human Revolution to get the most out of its plot — or, better yet, start off with the original Deus Ex and move forward chronologically — but if you’re just interested in getting a taste of what the series is all about, Mankind Revolution will give you a good idea of what to expect.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided is free on Epic Games Store from now until March 21. Grab it right here. Just don’t blame us that it ends on a sequel tease that still hasn’t been resolved in the eight years since it came out.

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